Guerrero Olivos absorbs a dispute resolution team

As a result of the growing demand for legal services in litigation and arbitration, Guerrero Olivos expanded its team by absorbing the dispute resolution team of Della Maggiora Eyzaguirre Ferrada.

Next April 1, 2020 a group of lawyers specialized in litigation and arbitration will join the Guerrero Olivos Dispute Resolution team, led by partner Sergio Yávar.

Benjamín Ferrada, former partner of Della Maggiora Eyzaguirre Ferrada, will join as partner to the team together with associates Andrés Cuevas and Diego Auad.

Benjamín was an associate with Guerrero Olivos between 2010 and 2013. He developed an independent practice and built a strong reputation in high complexity disputes, civil and commercial lawsuits, constitutional claims, tax and regulatory litigation, and arbitration, among others.

This incorporation will continue to strengthen this relevant and fast-growing practice area.

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